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Why Maharashtra lagging behind to issue compounding notification

22 Oct, 2020
Traffic Police - (gesturing with hands) “Stop, take your vehicle aside.” Civilized Driver - (with a serious face) "What is the matter Sir?" Traffic Police - (pointing at the road) "Hey, two-wheelers are not allowed on this road, you're in no-entry.” Civilized driver - “Is it so? If so, where’s the no-entry board? ” (Looks around to see one). Traffic Police - "Look, it's over there.” Civilized driver - (gets agonised) “How will the drivers see a board that is blocked by a tree?” Traffic Police - (shirking responsibility) "I don't know that, but you have to pay fine for violating no-entry rule.” Civilized driver - (regretfully) “Sir please! I am on my way to office, it’s getting late. It was the first time I ever made such a mistake, please excuse me! I will never make such a mistake again.” Traffic Police - (in a firm tone) “No excuses will do here, you will have to pay the fine”. Civilized driver - (despairingly) "Well, okay, how much is the fine?" Traffic Police - “Five hundred rupees.” Civilized driver - (raising eyebrows) “OMG! Five hundred rupees? ” “ Sir, keep this Rs. 100 and no need to give a receipt.” Traffic Police - (heavily) - "Ah, you can't do that. The fine is paid online." Civilized driver - (pleadingly) “Reduce the amount Sir! Five hundred is a lot.” Traffic Police - "The fine is fixed amount decided by the government, we can't do anything about it.” “Give your Card for payment, I'm late too.” Civilized driver - (...

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