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We embrace mask for safety, then why not helmet ?

14 Jul, 2020
The arrival of Corona pandemic led to rapid changes in human lives in the past few months. Almost everyone’s life has been radically changed in some ways or the other. The most striking among these changes is undoubtedly seen in people’s habits and practices related to health and cleanliness. The messages of ‘do’s and don’ts’ are well imbibed on people’s minds - do wash your hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds, make sure to keep your throat moist/hydrated, do not touch your eyes/face with your fingers, and last but not the least, do use a face mask when you step out of the home. There is an unsaid consensus to follow these rules. We see everyone, from young kids to elderly people in their eighties and above, wearing a face mask or covering their faces as has been prescribed. Adopting health seeking habits and wearing a face mask are certainly good habits that show we care for ourselves and for others. In Pune, One wonder how in no time they have accepted and adapted to this change. But then why the same acceptance is not seen when it comes to wearing helmets while riding the two-wheelers? This acceptance being self-motivated and widespread, the rule of wearing a face mask is abided extensively and has needed no legal action or compulsion to follow it. Aren’t these the same people who vehemently opposed to wearing helmets under several pretexts? Aren’t helmets and face masks comparable safety gears crucial for all of us? Will not they do the arguments done...

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